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Софтинка новая
Собрался посливать всё с дисков на винт - надоело искать нужный диск в стопках и "книжках". Начал копировать, потратил день, скопировал половину и задолбался. Всё-таки процесс не ограничивается заменой диска, а требует ожидания, пока оно прочитает оглавление, потом всё это нужно выделить, скопировать, несколько раз проверить, закончил уже или как, и только потом диск можно поменять. Решил автоматизировать. Потом немножко улучшить. В результате появилась программа, которая автоматом гребёт со вставленных дисков/флэшек/внешних винтов всё, что плохо лежит и ныкает на локальном винте. Диски после копирования выкидывает из лотка CD-ROMа и ждёт следующего, так что можно по ходу копирования спокойно зарубиться в какую-нибудь игрушку. Ну там ещё опции разные есть, все дела...
Лежит тут, если кому надо - http://www.averk.net/autocopy.html

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(Deleted comment)
Вот и потестируешь заодно :)

ах былаб такая программка чтоб и диски в привод сами засовывались....

Сворачивались в трубочку и тихонько заползали...


Very cool program! Thanks!

Nice app!

A beep on drive eject would be perfect.

Thank you!


very useful - thanks very much for making this

Thanks for Autocopy program, Is there a way to combine it with Teracopy ?

Yes, but if you want higher speed, it makes no sense. WinAPI functions usually offer greater speed than handcrafted copy routines, as they have possibility to rely on properly cached mass transfer functions, specific to device. It looks obvious when you use third-party file managers to copy flash sticks. Far manager, for instance, has a separate option to use system copy routine instead of it's own, as for some flash models system routine offers up to 10x higher performance at the cost of low informational response (copy speed update, etc.).
The only thing that may have sense is a better error recovery to copy most content of damaged files. Files would remain damaged anyway though.

Anyplan to recompile for Windows x64, or release the source, it is really interesting.

Yes, I want also to implement few features and fix some bugs, just need to find some time, maybe at the second week of October, if you remind me.

Now it's April 2013, maybe the reminder will be to late, but your program is still very usefull.
It would be nice if it works at Win7 64-bit soon..


Thanks, but currently I'm at long business trip, and there's no source code of this project at my laptop, so, unfortunately, it'll be delayed to May (. I'll keep this message as a remider anyway.

I don't wanna be a pain in the a**, but any news on the 64-bit update? It make my project much easier having a version running unter Win7 Prof. 64-bit. Thank you in advance.

Sorry, I'm on the run now, however, try the one at http://www.averk.net/files/AutoCopy.zip - it's an unfinished v2.0 for 32 bit, but likely should work at 64. And drop me an email to my nick at averk.net do deal with it faster, ok?

The new version works just fine. Thank you for te fast Support ... and my donation will be on the way.

Awsum program. Thank you so much.
I will donate when i get paid.

So happy to find V2.0. It's working now on 64bit Win7 Pro.

HEy, great software: but on win8 64bit the version 2.0 always creates 2 copies of every disk.
This slows the process down considerably.
Any chance for a fix?

Thanks! :)

I just reported duplicate files, I had 2 instances running. So Im sorry for the wrong bug report! :) thank you! :)

is there any way to make the program work on the start-up without a window
my aim is to make the autocopy opened silently without opening it's window , to be only shown in the tray icon

Would be at next version, check the site in a week or two.

Спасибо за отличную программу!

Отлично работает в случае "копируем с 3 dvd устройств одновременно на hdd"

1) чтобы сохранялись настройки всех контролов между запусками
2) разбить прогресс бар от 3-х устройст на 3 прогремм бара (или рефрешить статус пореже, с указанием какой диск имееется ввиду)
3) при возникновении ошибки копирования делать что-то (звуковой сигнал, запись в лог, блокирование лотка DVD), а то не скопировало 1 файл с диска и молчок :( а диск уже в урне

Re: Спасибо за отличную программу!

Ок :)

Some options are missing

Hello, program is amazing, well done, there is all that needs to be except that there is missing option that is in description but not in the program itself and that is "Copy to single folder".
I cannot find this option or you just cut it out in latest version.
I need this so I can autocopy files to same folder from different DVDs (have one video series split across multiple DVDs and need to put all in one folder and merge)

Thank you, I hope it will be resolv

Re: Some options are missing

This won't work, as normally file names intersect on different DVDs, so to merge them you have to fetch them to different folders and use video converters to aggregate series to a single set. I'm sorry, but in a general case that's not a straightforward copy task.

Great program, very useful!

Hi, Appreciate this little app, it's very helpful in getting the 400+ DVDs that I burned during my early downloading days onto a hard drive for long-term archiving.

There are only a handful of small bugs or areas for improvement that I've noted (using v2.0):

1. The process stays active, even after I exit the program. I find it's still copying disks and have to go into Task Manager and kill the process.

2. Would be nice to be able to paste a directory name into the "Copy To:" field instead of having to use the Browse button.

3. Would be nice to have a "Start Monitoring" and "Stop Monitoring" button so that I can stop the automatic function without having to exit the app and kill the process.

4. Would be good to have an option to display the current file being copied, and a means to manually skip over an unreadable file if it's stuck on one.

Thanks for this simple but highly useful utility!

Doug in southern California

Follow-up to previous comment earlier today!

Apologies, found the option to display all files being copied. Thanks again for a very useful utility!

Doug in So. Cal.

I Can't believe till now you are the only developer who did it

I Can't believe till now you are the only developer who did it

We hope you could make an improved version with the technology improvement

Respect from Kairouan / Tunisia / Africa/Earth


Спасибо большое, averk, очень нужная программа.

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